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What does Aerower offer to you

Kangaroo shoes Aerower (and their predecessors Kangoo Jumps) are safe sports shoes with cushioned impact, providing many benefits to anyone, at any time. Kangaroo shoes are not designed for high jumps. They perfectly absorb shocks and saves your joints.

Thanks to the slight instability, however, they enable more effective fat burning and strengthening of the deep muscles.

Kangaroo shoes for running and exercise

About half of our customers use kangaroo shoes only for running. When running in kangaroo shoes, due to the slight instability and higher weight, you burn many more calories than during classic running.

In doing so, you engage more deep muscles and, above all, spare your joints. You can run on asphalt as well as on grass, which is a nice change from skating.

You can exercise at home in front of the TV, or you can visit selected fitness centers. The sole does not leave marks on the floor, but it is also very durable when running outside.


Exercise has never been such fun, safe and simple.

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